The eye of the storm!

I was talking to my daughter today on the phone. She was asking me about getting school supplies, clothes, her art work and a job. The spirit inside wanted to sing. My daughter heard me sing for the first time in her life. Bri Bri told me she loved the song, but I get a 5 out of 10 score Lol right..

While typing this blog all of a sudden now my dog ran while slideing on hard wood floors from the living room in the kitchen. I am trying to cook my dinner. Scared out of his mind to the point he got all the way in the kitchen like he was hiding.

I look up and ask Lyon my dog what is wrong. He did not want to come out of the kitchen. I walked out to investigate asking him, “what is the deal.” Came back to the kitchen and he ran to his house. It was so weird. I am not making this up y’all. This was a movie scene. Something frightened him including the t.v. was off. He is not coming out of his house.

I get my soup, place it in the bed, plug up the t.v. it was snowy like in poltergeist movie. I started searching for the remote, I found it behind the bed, turned the channel to two, say down on the bed. I sat next to my bowl of soup, it spilled on my bed, sweat pants, I cleaned it up a little bit. I am going to try this again.

Sat down close to the same area of the spilled soup. Well… Soup trickled down again. Really! This is not okay.

I turned the channel what showed up was an iconic thing was a Princess Diana story “Diana 7 days” My favorite books were on life stories of Princess Diana I have read all the books to date. Then Dateline comes on about Kelley Clayton story.

Another beautiful women murdered by the hands of their so called husbands. What a shame… Women we have to stand together to fight against domestic violence. I hope all is well until next time.

Author: MaLaSpeaks! "Let me tell your Story."

Hiya, my name is MaLa I grew up New Caney, Texas. My life has simplicity, common sense aspect to it, with a comedian twist. We had a mini farm that's when my outdoors adventure begun. My ancestors thrived on showing we care through Food, Fashion, and Entertainment. Food is my first love. It is the glue that binds my soul together, as a self proclaimed Chef. Fashion was not always matching but, it makes sense to me. Color schemes like yellow brighten up my spirit and orange is a bold direct explanation mark, in my opinion. That is me! Entertainment is my personal gift I have which comes easy to me without being forced. I am ready for you to follow my journey in these three areas and many more. Thank you for following me. I appreciate your support. MalaSpeaks! "Let me tell your story." Freelance Writer/Blogger|| Business Inquiries:

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