Extra, Extra, News Report

Hiya MalaNaturalists,

I have exciting extra, extra news report!

My logo is now completed. I have worked to get this logo done for many years. It was hard to get one that represents who I am and what my patrons need to know about me.

The process was self gratified because my dreams, are coming to past. It has not been easy when life happens and you have to take a sabbatical to re-evaluate where are you going.

It came to a screeching halt. SKeeeert!

Also, I was taking Digital Marketing class online with Shaw Academy. Because I wanted to bring a certification to share with you and to further my skill set. My creditials are important to my work, readers, critics, and patrons.

Which leads me to my first official article I am writing about. It is an entertainment piece called “The Salad Dance Festival”.

The Dance Salad Festival is describe as Shakespeare’s epic love story interpreted in two different ways one is Swedish inspired versus traditional as we know as Romeo and Julia.

I reached out to the organizer to let her know this event interests me. Christina was really receptive to my emails and wanted to read my content on my blog.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored representation.

I am a paying patron writing an article about my experience before and after the event.

Ballet is near and to my soul. My joyment of different interpretations of creativity in performance art genres. It fills me with excitement.

Dance for me is like a book. If you open it up you will never put it down.

Growing up in my small town art was instrumental in my learning. It was part of Physical Education (P.E.) a mandatory course in elementary school.

Looking back, I would be a different person with out dance. It is my god-given right to expression of how I feel that is productive nonviolent resistance.

That was known as battle which is another adopted name for fight.

Ballet is personable, exotic, emotional, suspense, roller coaster, creative, and intentional is what it means to me.

I look forward to “The Dance Salad Festival” on March 29, 2018 at 7:00pm.

Best Regards,                                 MaLaSpeaks

Let Me Tell Your Story                 Freelance Writer/Blogger

Author: MaLaSpeaks! "Let me tell your Story."

Hiya, my name is MaLa I grew up New Caney, Texas. My life has simplicity, common sense aspect to it, with a comedian twist. We had a mini farm that's when my outdoors adventure begun. My ancestors thrived on showing we care through Food, Fashion, and Entertainment. Food is my first love. It is the glue that binds my soul together, as a self proclaimed Chef. Fashion was not always matching but, it makes sense to me. Color schemes like yellow brighten up my spirit and orange is a bold direct explanation mark, in my opinion. That is me! Entertainment is my personal gift I have which comes easy to me without being forced. I am ready for you to follow my journey in these three areas and many more. Thank you for following me. I appreciate your support. MalaSpeaks! "Let me tell your story." Freelance Writer/Blogger MaLaSpeaks1@instagram.com| MALANatural@twitter.com| MaLaNatural1@instagram.com Business Inquiries: MaLaSpeaks1@gmail.com

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