“Grace” by Eboni Adams Disgraceful moments that lead to Grace! “Houston Black Film Festival Community Day.”

Writing Contributor: MaLa Broussard of MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story” Houston Black Film Festival (HBFF) Community Day event on March 28, 2018 was a chance for me to meet new featured and short films per HBFF website it means. “Bringing Hollywood to Houston a platform for storytellers.” The creative meeting of minds in one […]

Columnist: MaLa Broussard|MaLaSpeaks! Let Me Tell Your Story

Houston Black Film Festival (HBFF) Community Day event on March 28, 2018 was a chance for me to meet new featured and short films per HBFF website it means.

“Bringing Hollywood to Houston a platform for storytellers.”

The creative meeting of minds in one place for one common goal to tell their story in one’s own way, interpretation, and views.

The hopes and dreams of extending the film to become a featured film and publicity to get society readily excited for the upcoming new independent films for 2018 kick off.

I had the pleasure to to meet Eboni Adams the Director, Writer, Actress in her starring short film “Grace.”

Eboni was a modern contemporary ballet dancer from Round Rock, Texas. A Sam Houston State University graduate to start her career performing with Celine Dion is her most highlighted moment in Performance Arts Industry.

But, shortly after that she decided she wanted to be an actress, she took a leap of faith to move to Los Angeles with a clean slate. Eboni left her comfortable small town environment to a city life with a plethora of opportunities.

She shortly found out it was not an easy task to be an actress as she imagined it would be light, camera, and action steps to success. Eboni made up her mind to create an avenue for herself and make people know her by making her own film starring herself in a role as Grace.

It is a trend to be a director, writer, and actress. A practice commonly used in the film industry to get a second look to catch some attention of who you are. If directors and film makers would not give you an opportunity to showcase your range you have to show them and that is what Eboni did.

The synopsis is Grace is an unemployed woman trying to pursue her own career as an ESL Teacher, but she is also balancing a Father who has Dementia. Which, is no easy task if you factor in siblings not wanting to share the responsibilities in home health care. It brings in another dynamic turn when Grace has no one to care for her father on the day of her job interview. What will happen next for Grace.

Grace has to decide: To go to the interview or leave her Dad unattended until her interview is over or risk something bad happening and it becomes her fault.

What will Grace decide? How will people view her situation? Is she responsible enough? Is Dad going to forget who I am?Will people think she is a fit care taker?

What will happen next to Grace: Will she get the career she is looking for? If she will get hired soon? Is she still taking care of her Father? Are her siblings helping out with their Father? Did disgraceful moments lead to grace?

“Grace” is Houston Black Film Festival’s Best Short Film winner of 2018, Pan-African Film Festival Selection and Popper Jasper International Film Festival Selection.

I attended Texas Southern University (TSU) at the Martin Luther King building to see a viewing on “Grace.” Eboni’s mother and Father came down from Austin, Texas area to support her. This film was inspired by a true events concerning her Grandmother.

Eboni found out that her grandmother has Dementia so the conversation came up about who was going to care for her if she was no longer able to. Eboni’s mother talked to her about the decision making process of talking to sibling about this situation which began to make Eboni think.

What if my parents got ill who would take care of them? Eboni is the oldest sibling, she is single, has no kids, would she be picked to take care of her parents based on that? Would she have to pick up and move back home to Austin, Texas to care for them?

“The conversation starts now when mom and dad are healthy on what to do if they became ill not in a crisis situation.”

This is my review on Grace the short film at the HBFF on March 29, 2018.

“The transference of emotions in this inspiring, drama, and family film really opens your heart to loved ones who are ill with Dementia.”

“The message is so powerful indirect empathy with heart-wrenching tears falling out the corners of your eyes.”

“True Testament of a portrayal of love for aging adult process.”

“Moments of bursts of laughter throughout the film.”

“Emotional, heartfelt unexplainable teary short film.”

“Direct form of reference in an eloquently delivery.”

In my opinion “Grace” captured the audience TSU students were anticipating this film. Students came in to see this film and quickly left once it was over.

After it was over I gave Eboni a hug and told her, “You did it!” She captured the essence of transference of emotions. It was an amazing film I was glad to share in the excitement and emotional roller coaster.

When you meet Eboni she is a bubbly interpersonal person. We laughed most of the interview. She made my job so easy. Eboni is a hard working person that is dedicated to her craft. We will be continuously connected through “Grace.”

Eboni’s final thoughts are, “Disgraceful moments that lead to Grace.”

MalaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

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