“Last Words” by Anthony Green: Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry “Houston Black Film Festival Community Day”

“Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry. “

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“Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry.”

We have Anthony (Ant) Green coming to the stage all the way from Detroit, Michigan to the Houston Black Film Festival (HBFF) Community Day in Houston, Texas on March 28, 2018.

Anthony is married with two kids and Sasha the dog currently lives in Detroit filming in his hometown. Since high school he was writing messages to visualize past experiences, inspiring others creatively.

Anthony is a director, writer, and producer of his featured film “Last Words.” The infancy stage was created for a short film, but Ant reviewed the direction to go another way.

The film festivals are a designed to connect creative minds together to support to create forums to have open-minded angles to make your film from good to great.

Anthony invited the environment to be critiqued and analyzed to receive feedback to challenge him to transition to exceptional standards. That is exactly what he did with “Last Words”.

“A battered women struggles to leave an abusive relationship, later finds herself dealing with havoc she did not see approaching.”

“Last Words” is about monogamous relationship with a man and how it evolves to a volatile situation that leads to violence.

It starts off in a scene with a loving couple that gets twisted up quickly in a fast lane.

“Last Words” was set in Georgia it highlights an abusive relationship between Tiffany and Mike that was physical, mental, and verbal abuse.

It represents a form of control with small things to test the waters of the tolerance Tiffany will endure while in a committed relationship with Mike.

Why does she stay?

A story where Trust meets Truth.

Mike will protect me he is not hitting me intentionally. Is this Love? We kiss, make up, and it is okay for a moment then it picks up again.

Tiffany’s dedication of vulnerability to Mike was she bargained for playing russian roulette with her situation.
You decide if you live or die?

The fear of leaving is in ‘real time’ you do not know what to do. Your mind is traveling in circles with questions: He really loves me but, why does it have to be this way.

“Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry.”

Domestic violence happens in one out of three people are charged with violent crimes according to Office of Justice Programs of domestic cases via website.

Domestic violence awareness is addressed on film and translated to shake up Hollywood to see this issue to look over like a fine tooth comb as an epidemic.

I appreciate Anthony’s foremost attribute to recognize the pitfalls in the system through a looking glass. Domestic violence effects every household in America the red flags and intuition are put in place to realize a problem. If you can not control it walk away to save a loved one.

Final Thoughts From Director:

“Never wait until your last moment to say I love you.”

It was nice working with Anthony on this project. I had a fabulous time getting to know him professionally.

“Last Words” is a 2018 Officical Selection Houston Black Film Festival and First Featured Match “Best Inspirational” Film.

Anthony Green’s featured film “Last Words” is now on sale for $20.00! Download cashapp and look up Antgfilms today it ships to your door for faster service.

Please contact him via email Anthonygreenproductions@yahoo.com for more information. Please support black owned businesses.

New Projects to look out for is “RUN” coming soon!!!! Stay tuned to new updates.

My name is MaLaSpeaks a freelance writer and blogger you can follow me on Instagram: @MaLaSpeaks1 and Twitter at @MaLaNatural.

Thank you for being apart if my journey.

MaLaSpeaks “Let me tell your story.”

Author: MaLaSpeaks! "Let me tell your Story."

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