Happy “713 Day” Houstonians on July 13th by MaLaSpeaks!”Let me tell your story.”

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.” Happy Lil’ Keke “713 Day!”

MaLaSpeaks!”Let me tell your story.” Thank you for being apart of my journey!

Lil Keke, 7Thirteen Day, 8th Wonder Brewery, Don Ke, SUC, Screwed up Click, Boss Life, Slum Thug
Happy 7Thirteen Day! 8th Wonder Brewery Lil Keke Day. Photo by MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
Paul Wall, Merch,  Souvenir, Pint Glass, 8th Wonder Brewery, MaLaSpeaks!
Paul Wall Oiler Merch Souvenir Pint Glass. Photo by MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
Bum B “Thriller” Souvenir Pint Glass Photo by: MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
Slim Thug, MaLaSpeaks!
Slum Thug “Slimpson” Boss Life Merch Souvenir Pint Glass. Photo by MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

Happy “713 Day ” Houstonians! On July 13th is our day to celebrate what Houston means for local natives.

7Thirteen is Houston Metropolitan famous area code that Don Ke or Aka Lil’ Keke Da Don put on the map for Proclamation Day which he represents on his T-shirt clothing line.

If you do not know Houstonians are down for there sports team which includes Astros, Oilers, Texans, Dynamo colors to let every know we show up and show out for our home team.

The S.U.C family stick together which DJ Screw had standards and repect for people who he came in contact with.

I remember when Big Moe was in Hiram Clarke a few months before he blew up nationally. The flavor and music was hot and fresh you just had to bop your head to the music and lyrical content he was spiting out his mouth.

I look back on those times like it was yesterday in an one bedroom apartment a smog of smoke, music blasting. The whole apartments were wondering. Where that sound came from? Who was on that track? Where could they get the tapes to jam to it when they were rolling down the street swagging.

The music was tight and new which it was unheared of in Houston a new sound that blew up the Eastside and Westside beef.

All eyes was on new freestyle rappers coming from Houston and S.U.C. and Rap-A-Lot records was newbies to the scene nationally but locally everyone knew who they were.

It was a powerful combination of forces coming together that the community stuck with promotioning its own artists.

DJ Screw was selling tapes and records out of his car hustling. He was not asking for a handout it was grinding with boots on the under ground making things happen not waiting for a hand out.

This “713 Day” should be a celebrated like a national holiday which shows an example of perseverance, heart, blood, sweat, tears, triumph, and love for the city we call Houston.

I have never met Lil Keke personally but hope we meet in the near future!

You took Houston on your shoulders roller coaster ride with “Don’t Mess Wit Texas” to the “Southside” our theme song in the 90’s that is still lit today.

Thank you Lil Keke for encouraging this community to come together to recognize a day built for excellence and striving for the best.

Things Happening on “713 Day!”

Happy “713 Day” to all who do not know kick off with 2nd Annual 713 Magazine at Houston Food Bank (HFB) volunteer and social event free on eventbrite. Sign up before you show up on HFB website to register. 5:30pm-9pm; Food, Drinks, Volunteer, Food Trucks, and many many more…

“713 Art Show with Don ke and Friends” featureing Limited Edition Pint Glassware with a live preformance by Lil’ Keke at the 8th Wonder Brewery 2202 Dallas St (downtown) doors open at 6pm. This event is free Admission; Don Ke designed Hip Hop Edition Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Bun pints for sale at $25; 21 and up

“713 Fest” at Screwston Records at 2122 Center St with live performances from multiple talent wear Houston sport gear and music talent in Heights Area near downtown.

Axelrad Beer Garden “713 Day” Carpe Diem at 1517 Alabama St in Montrose District with beer, music, food, and etc.

Come join the fun explore Houston nightlife!

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

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