TCWF PRESENTS: PowHer Play Fundraiser Breakfast

“The Chatman’s Women’s Foundation is to empower women to explore, grow, and indulge in their own PowHer. The Chatman Women Foundation ~ TCWF”

The Chatman’s Women’s Foundation |MaLaSpeaks!|Editor-In-Chief|MaLa Broussard


“The Chatman’s Women’s Foundation is to empower women to explore, grow, and indulge in their own PowHer. The Chatman Women Foundation  ~ TCWF”


Shantera Chatman is the TCWF founder is inspiring women to meet them where they stand. She is providing resources to change the narrative of women who need a boost to transition out of a shelter to become self sufficient. TCWF also helps to pay for rent, vehicle, college tuition for advancement, and startup entrepreneurship capital through a grant and scholarship fund.

While at the Ouisies Table, 3939 San Felipe Houston, Texas 77027 on a Friday morning was a packed event. Shantera went to the podium to introduce herself and welcome guest, coaches, and sponsors.

PowHer Play 2019 kicked off with breakfast, conversation, and topics to share among the table group’s. The most controversial topic was gender bias in the workplace. Shantera picked out a story for an example that relates to the topic from the audience.

TCWF scholarship program is now open for applicants to share their story as the advisory board will look over it to pick the winners for 2020.

“PowHer  is a Women’s great ability to do or act upon anything she desires.”

The Chatman Women’s Foundation

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