Ghanian Okro Stew by Chef Marquette

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My New Year is starting off on awesome note! I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos on my sabbatical break.

Go figure…..

Like most people!

I want to travel abroad. So, my playlist have been filled with lifestyle, food, and entertainment in Africa, South Korea, Ireland, Canada, and Europe etc.

Stellazone on YouTube showed her mother making Okro/Okra soup. It inspired me so much.

“I think in my brain” per DeMarcus my son’s saying I adopted because it really makes sense from his point of view.

I can do that!

I used part of my recipe from Akinyi Ochieng blogger titled, “Jikoni”. The reason why I changed some items because I already had some at home. It can get really expense kinda like Creole gumbo.

I had a forty dollar budget. My total approximately was 35.35.

My ingredients:

1lb. Large Salmon slice in half (skin on) de scale fish skin

1lb. Smoked Turkey necks

2-4 Jalapeno peppers small dice (I only used two) A lot of heat

6 Romo tomatoes (med dice)

1/2 medium Onion (sm dice)

2 Garlic cloves

1lb fresh Okro/Okra

1/2 c Red Palm oil

2 c water

2 cubes of Seafood bouillon flavoring
Himalayan salt to taste

When I tell you this is it! But, I have a secret season. The chef always have one ingredient she never reveals in the recipe.

When I was going up if you did not pay attention while the cook was cooking they will add an something without thinking but it makes a difference in the dish.

Sorry, I will not reveal it. Next, time I will put it on video and you will see what I am saying.

My motto for today:

“Think fast! Look closely. Just saying..”

I ate okro stew with one bite my body uncontrollably started moving to a beat of a song, disclaimer: I can not tell you which one, first my shoulders, hips, feet, then it was an all out dance off like an 1980s movie “Fame”.

Ghana, I am coming home. Hallelujah! This was a journey to gather the food and to prepare it.

The okro stew was made last night. I am still full. My food craving has diminished. I was talking on the phone with a neighbor just excited about this amazing grace meal in which I pretake of filled me with joy.

This is a turkey dinner delight.

It has been a pleasure sharing my experience with you.

My pot of okro stew

My bowl. Mmmm! I can not wait to dig in. The smell was underdescribely delicious.

Author: MaLaSpeaks! "Let me tell your Story."

Hiya, my name is MaLa I grew up New Caney, Texas. My life has simplicity, common sense aspect to it, with a comedian twist. We had a mini farm that's when my outdoors adventure begun. My ancestors thrived on showing we care through Food, Fashion, and Entertainment. Food is my first love. It is the glue that binds my soul together, as a self proclaimed Chef. Fashion was not always matching but, it makes sense to me. Color schemes like yellow brighten up my spirit and orange is a bold direct explanation mark, in my opinion. That is me! Entertainment is my personal gift I have which comes easy to me without being forced. I am ready for you to follow my journey in these three areas and many more. Thank you for following me. I appreciate your support. MalaSpeaks! "Let me tell your story." Freelance Writer/Blogger|| Business Inquiries:

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