“Emotions” by Tejay Bah: “Friends with benefits, what could go wrong?”

Writing Contributor: MaLa Broussard of MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story”

Tejay Bah is all the way from Africa by way of Los Angles (LA). I met Tejay Bah at the Houston Black Film Festival Community Day which was at Montrose Center on March 28, 2018.

Tejay is from Freetown, Sierra Leone. “He graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Business.” Tejay decided to move to “LA” like Tejay calls it to pursue his true passion to transition into Stage and Film Industry. (insert from bio)

He is the director, writer, producer, and actor in the new short film “Emotions”. “One of his true dedications are to African cinema and the untold stories of immigrants.” (insert from bio)

“Friends with benefits,what could go wrong?“(insert from bio)

“It is about friends with benefits that realize they are more emotionally involved than they admit, until some one is discovered. Now one of them has to grow up and restore the relationship before it all falls apart.”

“Emotions is a guy’s perspective trying to figure out about a relationship between a woman when you decide to say. We are just friends!”

Jatus and Angie discover the difference in the meaning of friends with benefits in their partnership. But, it brings unstable emotions to the forefront each party goes through without title recognition.

These are the questions you start asking yourself in your mind:

Is friends with benefits realistic when you start having strong connections with your partner?

Have you decided to take the relationship to the next level?

Is this real love or setting you up for failure?

I do not know the answers to these questions, but if you watch “Emotions” you will soon find out when life happens to get complicated.

My definition of a friends with benefits situation is a mutual agreement between two parties by maintaining friendship, but also have sexual activity with each other when time permits the opportunity. Both parties want to associate with each other without publicly displaying a title with it.

MaLa: Tejay is there some realness to your own life circumstances associated with the film?

Tejay: It has a little realness about myself, but it is through a friends relationship. I decided to make a short film about it.

“While observing the secondary view of Tejay’s friends relationship. He wanted to start a conversation about relationships with this trendy scenario and how it unfolds.”

MaLa: Are you going to be the next Relationship Guru?

Tejay: I won’t take that title because I am still growing.

MaLa: Why do most men want this type of arranged relationship?

Tejay: Expression of emotion is not small.

“I was trying to explore how does that play out with the girl as long as a physical connection exists emotional there is an physical attachment to that guy.”

“Tejay realized that men need to be mature if you have somebody you like you can move onto the next level. But, if you, as a guy change your mind men will look at you like ‘Am I not a real man’ because I decided to make that decision.”

I commented to Tejay is there a Self Help Book coming soon?

“He said no. But his goal is write about black men and women relationships. Tejay wants to bridge the gap between the Black Americans and Africans because we are more similar than we think.”

“Emotions” was awarded accolades at the Pan African Film Festival Selection, Houston Black Film Festival Selection, 2017 Best Short Films Competition Selection, and 2017 Best Short Films Competition Winner.

“We all fall in love the same way but sometimes we feel invisible Americans have more range than we credit ourselves.”

“Black men and women films that’s my goal as a film maker to telling interesting stories about our culture. In relationships we will get hurt by invisibility and too strong to recognize the pitfalls we put ourselves into without knowing it until it is too late.”

Tejay wants to showcase all this emotional range that everybody else has different cultural partnerships as African Americans and Africans working together for a common goal.

Ask yourself questions is this your pathway to love?

Are you in a friends with benefits relationship?

Do you walk away, hold on to your friendship, fall in love with her/him, or realize that this is the right person for me?

You decide what Jatus and Angie should do?

You choose what side to be on.
Final thoughts from the Director:

“Is look at your own situation?”

“Thank you to my cast and crew who made this possible.”

Texas Southern University MLK building hosted the amphitheater for the film screenings.

Unfortunately, I was unable to review the short film “Emotions” due to the miscommunication between the showings of the film. But, the suspense of giving me a sneak peek video makes me excited about this becoming a featured film in 2018.

Tejay’s next project is a docu series called “Going Home”. It has two African Americans and two Africans documentary of going home to Africa tour to tell stories about what’s going on in Africa.

The tour will kick off in Seirra Leone Tejay’s home city Freetown. It will expand throughout the Continent. It will highlight the social, economic, how Africans lives are impacted about untold stories of immigrants.

It was a pleasure meeting Tejay and getting to know him in a short period of time. He is soft spoken person who is private but his work speaks for itself.

He seems to be a quite individual but once he starts warming up and talking about “Emotions” their is a personal connection that flourishes with excitement when he talks about it.

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“Emotions” short film Tejay Bah and MaLaSpeaks
“Going Home” and “Emotions” Tejay Bah Film and MaLaSpeaks

“Hilton.com Price Match guarantee commerical” Is this too good to be true? by MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

MaLaSpeaks!|Editor-in-Chief|MaLa B.

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story”

I have got down to the nitty gritty of this commercial ad. What it does not tell you.

My focus is give you the facts along with my breakdown of what is reality versas fantasy. I going to give you the tea!

This is a breakdown per Ashley at DoubleTree Hilton 800 number from Instagram.

My first thought was, “hey discounts”!

I am getting ready to go on a trip to L.A. so excited to book a hotel. I found a hotel on Expedia.com and later through my counterparts recieved a discounted rate for an upcoming event.

It was a more convenient and a little higher rate than at Expedia.com. But, definitely cheaper than the regular room rate which the Sales Department at DoubleTree Hilton in Carson helped me with. Thank you!

Then I saw the commercial! Okay. How low can it go. Can you get down low all the way to the floor. No! Wishful thinking…Lol!

But Ashley broke it down for me. The competitor’s rate such as (Expedia.com) has to be lower than the Hilton’s rate which includes exact replica per person, bed type (for example King bdrm etc.) and it has to be for DoubleTree Hilton or the location you plan to stay at exactly the same.

“Are you exhausted yet, because I am.”

Let’s keep this moving!

The Hilton customer relations agent is verifying the rate per while you are on the phone to ensure accuracy. Damn! Okay.

I thought when it meant competitors it meant other hotels. It is my understanding it is only for 3rd party competitors.

It can not be used with any other lower rate discounts from my understanding. If you are a Hilton Honors member it is a plus because they want to keep your business.

The messaging with doing the reservation online without a human person explaining all the rules is a disconnect to the consumers. It took me two phone calls and voicemail to get these answers for you!

My community at large to give you fact checks and balances on what we need to know about ads and commercial messaging.

So needless to say I kept my Expedia.com booking which is further away from the event (Lyft & Uber) is my go to transportation and I will not be with the group rate at DoubleTree Hilton which is closer to the venue and a shuttle bus takes you to the event.

“Convenience cost more! Why!”

I am a little disappointed but, maybe DoubleTree Hilton might invite me another time.

My 1st trip to L.A. is so intense I have been packed for two months. If this had not been a conference trip I would be at DoubleTree Hilton.

My trip is to get acupuncture, boat rides on Long Beach, go to the conference, meet up with friends and eat great food.

I hope this was educational and informative for you as much as it was for me.

Thank you for being apart of my journey!

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story”

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Homecoming of Mabel Hill: “Legacy of Mabel Hill Family” by MaLa Broussard

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.” Thank you for being apart of my journey!

I went to a funeral yesterday on behalf of my son Darrien. He is the nephew of Jessica Johnson-Moore. Jessica and her mother Mabel Hill were instrumental in my son’s up bringing.

“At an early age I (Jessica) was a caregiver to my mother at age seven when she (Mabel) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.”

How many people can say they nurtured and cared for their parents for 23 years of your life of dedication?

When I met Jessica my first impression was a young hearted, tender voiced, inclusive, selfless, and young lady who showed genuine love for family members.

My initial thought about her was a mature kid who showed her love through actions and sacrifice.

Jessica babysit for me while I worked. She willingly took care of my child and I can assure that he was taken care of to the fullest extent.

Mabel raised children to be compassionate, honorable, loving, gentle soul inside and out I was thankful for that.

The homecoming of Mabel Hill was surrounded by love ones, family, and reflection on a foundation based substance to look forward to.

She was a single parent who raised two kids who loved their mother no matter the circumstances and put their needs aside for Mabel.

Tears flooded my eyes to hear the dedication and sacrifice of two children at an early age. They were willing to do what needed to be done for their mother.

It is the sweetest gift you can give to a parent.

My observation and reflection was only a bird’s view of behind the scenes of the root cause of the Hill family’s journey.

This is what you want your obituary to say: Mabel Hill Family was surrounded by family and friends dear to her heart that made an impact on what agapi love looks like twenty years ago in the making.

Her dedication in putting family first really meant something to Mabel wither right or wrong. She was a mother, sister, grandmother, friend, and confidant who was unbias with integrity were values she stood behind.

This was the first funeral I have experienced such genuine love for outsiders and strangers who they do not know.

Also, it was up lifting, encouraging, unapologetically complimentary to one another’s role in duties that was for the greater benefits for the family’s core strengths.

I was moved, inspired, and gracefully thankful being in the presence of humble people at a funeral. It was amazing!

The closest family members said final words about Mabel and her children. The rawness of the examples each member exsumed in vividness role each person played was a precious gifts of gems.

It was important that each milestone was a collective effort on behalf of the whole taking care of a piece of the puzzle that glued the family together.

When Jessica and her brother got up she talked about caregiving, sacrifice, and asking for forgiveness “if I was ever negative to anybody in this room instead of positive I apologize.”

It warmed up my heart and soul we are at a funeral and that is one of the first things a thirty year old married women says to the audience as their mother laided beside her who has passed away.

My hesitation to highlight high valued topics such as this was dear to my heart, body, and soul.

Being a writer I have to be aware if things need to remain private or discussed for conversation dialogues to bring real stories that are inspirational learning experience.

This is one that had to be shared amongst others in a precious precision to bring the love for one another to the forefront.

Mabel raised two children we were caregivers at an age I would not put the burden on any children due do its heavy laden load and strain for young adults.

But did it with grace, loving kindness, and willingly volunteered to take on the task before they knew what the rode was going to look like.

Jessica prayed tirelessly her mother would see her graduate, get married, and see her grandchildren before she departed this earth and that is what Mabel did.

The love for a mother is like no other it represents the essence of strength, nurture, struggle, triumph, sacrifice dedication, and selfless act of kindness upon people closest to your heart.

Hill Family thank you for being apart of my life and I will always be apart of your journey…

I am dedicating my Great Bike Ride Challenge ride to the the Hill and Broussard Family in June to fight against cancer.

Thank you for being apart of my journey!

Homecoming for Mabel Hill, MaLaSpeaks!
Homecoming for Mabel Hill

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

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MaLa Broussard

“A Mother’s Love for DeMarcus” by Marquette Broussard: Fighting against Rett Syndrome Autism ADHD Diagnosis

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

MaLaSpeaks!”Let me tell your story.”

When I got pregnant with my son DeMarcus not long before he was born. I lost another son due to his cerebral cortex not being formed during pregnancy at 6 1/2 months.

“Mourning the loss of a child is the hardest part of being a parent.”

DeMarcus Anthony was born a fighter premature baby had undeveloped lungs, has the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck which caused him to lose oxygen while in childbirth.

I was waiting for a cry he laided limp on my chest for 10 seconds then rushed to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. DeMarcus was away from me my entire stay in the hospital.

“DeMarcus was my miracle child. He has heart!”

That obstacle surpassed as a baby he had acid reflux so bad his bed was the car seat. As a young mother, I was scared he would suffocate in vomit if I allowed him to lay in the bassinet.

DeMarcus at ten months old was introduced to water play as a sanctuary. He loved the calmness of the water it was sleep therapy since it did not seem he actually slept restfully only 45 to 90 minutes.

That was frustrating time because no one was sleeping. He cried constantly and quietness was a task to maintain daily along with my sanity and post partum depression.

As DeMarcus got around 24 months he loved running. He was staying active in order to rest efficiently which that was a catch 22 due to calm submissive state to go to sleep. Cat naps were a routine for daytime but night time for DeMarcus gave energy like eating fruit loops with sugar on top literally.

My love for DeMarcus was finding a solution to this issue. Because no medical personnel could give me resolution to my situation at this time.

Only medication to dumb down the energy essence of what makes up human antatomy which was against my culture.

I saw effects of medication given to a young child too early can slow motor skills, benchmark mental rationale, and can lead to permanent brain nerve reactors to function at a slower pace.

DeMarcus Anthony was not going to be in that statistical analysis through hell and hay water. My child was going to have hope with a chance to make a difference with his extraordinary talents.

I moved to Phoenix, Arizona to go to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. The reason why I decided to enroll one is love for food and the other is find a solution to learn to cook fresh, meal inspired dishes to aid to help DeMarcus condition.

No one could handle DeMarcus. I was on call everyday while he was in daycare. It was disheartening to find out no one was trained or equipped to deal with a child with “special needs”.

I hate this term!

My researched is “delayed learning disabilities” to recognize what he gravitates naturally is a great starting point.

Design a plan surrounded around DeMarcus needs and construct a holistic approach that is gentle on the environment, mind, body, and soul.

Now, DeMarcus was four at this time. I was cultivating meal plans to go to search for the healthy grocery store. It had to be economically maintained constantly and did not have any additive manufacturing ingredients to brake down the human body of.

When DeMarcus started kindergarten at HoustonISD it was an horrific learning experience as a parent.

He brings joy and laughter to every single person who he comes in contact with.

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story”

Houston Greeter (East End Area)

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MaLa Broussard

“Afro Week feat. Luc Mbah A Moute Soccer Charity Event” by MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let Me Tell Your Story.”

MaLaSpeaks! “Let Me Tell Your Story.” Thank you for being apart of my journey!

Presenting: Mbah A Moute Foundation Charity Soccer Benefit Event at Rice University.

Rice University Hollaway Field hosted Luc Mbah A Moute Soccer Charity Event. Left to Right: MaLa Broussard and Luc Mbah A Moute Photo by Intern Sabriyya Craig with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

On July 7, 2018 at Rice University Hollaway Field was a fun experience soccer event Luc Mbah A Moute (Red Jerseys) vs Clint Capela (Black Jerseys).

The celebrity list was packed with professional, amateur, women and men playing a game to raise money for a great cause children in Africa and Houston for the opportunity to get scholarships towards education.

Luc Mbah A Moute, Soccer Charity Event, Soccer, Charity, Foundation, Education,
Luc talking to a media station after soccer game. Photo by MaLa Broussard at MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
Luc Mbah A Moute, Soccer Charity, Event, Rice University, Hollaway Field
Celebrity Soccer Charity Event at Rice University. Team Capela won! Photo by: MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
Luc Mbah A Moute, Soccer Charity Event, Soccer, Foundation, Rice University, Hollaway Field, Celebrity, Event
Team Capela are enjoying their win over Team Mbah A Moute. Photo by MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
Mazda, Alingue, Loupeda, Water Break, Celebrity, Charity Event, Rice University, Hollaway Field
Taking a water brake for Team Capela. Photo by MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
Luc Mbah A Moute, Charity Event, Last Minutes, Soccer, Team Spirit
Team Mbah A Moute look at team mates in the last few minutes of the game. Photo by: MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

The event was outside on a Houston humid day with a slight over cast. Cool cups, popcorn, and T-shirt vendors GLYMSE were open for business.

GLYMSE Clothing line T-shirts! A black owned establishment. I wore it to the Houston Dynamo Game later that evening. Check out their Merch!

IG: @GLYMPSE #GLYMSECLOTHING @chaddymac84 #chaddymac84 @Mazdadenon #mazdadenon @aythatsdadollface4 #aythatsdadollface4

GLYMSE, Clothing line, T-shirt unit, Forever Orange, T-shirt game,
GLYMSE Clothing line T-shirt unit for Dynamo Game on July 7th. Photo by MaLa Broussard with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
MaLaSpeaks, Let me tell your story, Houston Dynamo, Soccer, July 7th, 2018, GLYMSE Clothing Company, Sabriyya Craig, Amethystwolf15
Sabriyya Craig wearing GLYMSE Clothing Company T-shirt at Houston Dynamo Game on July 7th with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”
MaLaSpeaks, Let me tell your story, MaLa Broussard, GLYMSE Clothing, T-shirt, Dynamo Game, July 7th
MaLa Broussard at Houston Dynamo Game in GLYMSE T-shirt. Photo by Intern Sabriyya Craig with MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story.”

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“Last Words” by Anthony Green: Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry “Houston Black Film Festival Community Day”

“Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry. “

Writing Contributor: MaLa Broussard of MaLaSpeaks! “Let me tell your story”


Welcome to MaLaSpeaks Blog Post!


“Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry.”

We have Anthony (Ant) Green coming to the stage all the way from Detroit, Michigan to the Houston Black Film Festival (HBFF) Community Day in Houston, Texas on March 28, 2018.

Anthony is married with two kids and Sasha the dog currently lives in Detroit filming in his hometown. Since high school he was writing messages to visualize past experiences, inspiring others creatively.

Anthony is a director, writer, and producer of his featured film “Last Words.” The infancy stage was created for a short film, but Ant reviewed the direction to go another way.

The film festivals are a designed to connect creative minds together to support to create forums to have open-minded angles to make your film from good to great.

Anthony invited the environment to be critiqued and analyzed to receive feedback to challenge him to transition to exceptional standards. That is exactly what he did with “Last Words”.

“A battered women struggles to leave an abusive relationship, later finds herself dealing with havoc she did not see approaching.”

“Last Words” is about monogamous relationship with a man and how it evolves to a volatile situation that leads to violence.

It starts off in a scene with a loving couple that gets twisted up quickly in a fast lane.

“Last Words” was set in Georgia it highlights an abusive relationship between Tiffany and Mike that was physical, mental, and verbal abuse.

It represents a form of control with small things to test the waters of the tolerance Tiffany will endure while in a committed relationship with Mike.

Why does she stay?

A story where Trust meets Truth.

Mike will protect me he is not hitting me intentionally. Is this Love? We kiss, make up, and it is okay for a moment then it picks up again.

Tiffany’s dedication of vulnerability to Mike was she bargained for playing russian roulette with her situation.
You decide if you live or die?

The fear of leaving is in ‘real time’ you do not know what to do. Your mind is traveling in circles with questions: He really loves me but, why does it have to be this way.

“Don’t wait until your last breathe to say I’m sorry.”

Domestic violence happens in one out of three people are charged with violent crimes according to Office of Justice Programs of domestic cases via website.

Domestic violence awareness is addressed on film and translated to shake up Hollywood to see this issue to look over like a fine tooth comb as an epidemic.

I appreciate Anthony’s foremost attribute to recognize the pitfalls in the system through a looking glass. Domestic violence effects every household in America the red flags and intuition are put in place to realize a problem. If you can not control it walk away to save a loved one.

Final Thoughts From Director:

“Never wait until your last moment to say I love you.”

It was nice working with Anthony on this project. I had a fabulous time getting to know him professionally.

“Last Words” is a 2018 Officical Selection Houston Black Film Festival and First Featured Match “Best Inspirational” Film.

Anthony Green’s featured film “Last Words” is now on sale for $20.00! Download cashapp and look up Antgfilms today it ships to your door for faster service.

Please contact him via email Anthonygreenproductions@yahoo.com for more information. Please support black owned businesses.

New Projects to look out for is “RUN” coming soon!!!! Stay tuned to new updates.

My name is MaLaSpeaks a freelance writer and blogger you can follow me on Instagram: @MaLaSpeaks1 and Twitter at @MaLaNatural.

Thank you for being apart if my journey.

MaLaSpeaks “Let me tell your story.”