Bri’Ann Stephens Presents 2nd Annual: Plan Her Conference 2019

“I wanted to build a space to support women. uplift women. empower women.”

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Bri’Ann Stephens the Founder of Plan Her Conference & Pink Productions wanted to build a platform for women to be empowered to have a safe space “Everything we do is for women by women” per  Plan Her Conference 2019 was a free event for women to come out to network with other like minded individuals.

The event started off with Bri and Klarke Foreman COO, of Pink Productions started the mood off with a song by Fly Life Youngstaz AKA F.L.Y. “Sway Surfin” everyone put their arms around each other shoulders and rock left to right side. Bri had an icebreaker called “Pink Prods Network Bingo” it was a fun game to see who was in the room. Whoever got five in a roll won a makeover and photo-shoot. I was inspired just seeing women boss up to get their business off to soar like an eagle. The stories I heard was resilient in not giving up on your dream. It was beautiful to hear. Marriott Westin Houston, Memorial City, 945 Gessner Rd, the side confessions of women sharing stories about new ideas, networking, passing tips, and open dialogue was contagious sounds in my ears.

The first panel was Fashion and Beauty:

Mena Adubea Beauty Content Creator  

Tausha Sanders first lady of SneakerSummit and SneakHerSummit

Eryn Sheilds Owner Style Sew Me Patterns

April Parker Founder of Project B.E.A.T.

Second panel was Women and Arts:

Tay Powers                                                    

Simply Drana                                                      

Andrea Venson                                                        

Mallory Henderson                                        

Third panel Women Activists:

Ashley Cockrell                                                

Christa Clarke                                                 

Valaencia Thompson                                              

Kevia Jones                                                

It was all things women empowerment life lessons that got these women to where they are today. In 2016, it was significant recurrence that most of the panelists had a turn of events happened to them in this year. Crucial life lessons to learn to mold your personal and career to new heights in the atmosphere.  The message was networking, support, and building relationships with women. The vendors were women owned operations in our community with some out of towners who came with their brands and products to introduce in the Houston Market.

The opportunity to go to events is a blessing I hope to be invited again next year! I connected to some of the panelist to hopefully to do projects with them in the near future. After the event I decided to be bold and step out on faith to see if my media credentials went through with the Houston Dynamo and Dash organization. Because I felt so inspired by all these women when I got my media pass to the game. Look at God!

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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